Dr. Florence ‘Flo’ Barber-Hancock is the Co-Developer of CranioSomatic Therapy. She also developed a unique cranial therapy – Facilitated Pathways Intervention® (FPI). Dr. Barber-Hancock’s FPI concepts and treatment findings were the topic of her Ph.D. dissertation, and this amazing therapy is the cornerstone of her clinical practice in neuromusculoskeletal disorders and neurosensory rehabilitation.

Dr. Barber-Hancock specializes in pain relief, joint mobilization, and pediatric problems. Exploring patients’ treatment responses, she developed new concepts and techniques in the late 1990s, creating her Facilitated Pathways Intervention® (FPI) therapy. This treatment uses small, gentle massage-type techniques performed on the head, face, and neck. The treatment area is always related to a specific location of pain or dysfunction in the muscles or joints of the body or head.

Dr. Barber-Hancock has been an LMT in private practice since 1998. She offers workshops in Facilitated Pathways Intervention® and other CranioSomatic therapies to healthcare professionals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Costa Rica, through Hancock CranioSomatic Institute.​

Her first career was twenty years of practical experience with special needs individuals – providing hands-on personal care and working as a teacher and as a workshop supervisor. Those years of service allowed Dr. Barber-Hancock to develop understanding and insights into the needs of people with structural, functional, emotional, and neurological challenges. She was immediately drawn to working with these kinds of problems in a more physically therapeutic way when the opportunity to join Dr. Dallas Hancock in his clinical practice became available in 1993. She began as a clinic aide, and developed from there into workshop assistant, and fellow clinician, and then into an international instructor with her own strengths and therapeutic skills. Dr. Dallas Hancock and Flo Barber married in 2001, continuing their successful joint practice in Tampa, Florida.